Henley Town and Visitors' Regatta - Saturday 31st July 2021

It’s a cliché to say this is a difficult time to run a regatta, but it’s true.  As well as taking account of Covid-19 measures, we’re also running on a different stretch of the Henley Reach before, rather than after, the Royal Regatta.  But we hope we've got the organisation right, and we're very pleased to have a high-quality entry that promises to provide some excellent racing.

The basic format for this year only is that the T&V Regatta will run in THREE separate divisions through the day, to provide reasonable opportunities for you to race in more than one event.  Doubling up within a division is not allowed, and we will reject any entry that attempts to do so.  We’ve slightly reduced the range of events offered to reflect our reduced capacity, but retained a good balance of boat and status types.

This year the Regatta will operate from a boating area at Remenham Farm, and there will be no enclosure or spectator facilities.  Racing will be from a free start at the Barrier to the finish at Remenham Club, a distance of about 800m.  It will run in two lanes on the Royal Regatta boomed course, with static rather than launch umpiring.  For some eights and fours we are operating ‘winner stays on’ for up to two rounds, to minimise the number of boat movements at the rafts.  For instance, in an event with eight entries, the semi-finals would follow within 40 mins of the first-round quarter-finals, so the four semi-finalists would stay on the water for two races: their final would be later in the division.

Full details of regatta-day arrangements are available on the Competitors page.

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