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This year's regatta takes place on Saturday 4th August.

We have changed our event schedule for Open and Women's events, in line with British Rowing's new Competition Framework.

Masters, Mixed and Junior events operate as before, and we retain our two-division format so you can comfortably race in two events in the day.                         

Regattas in the Thames Region have been encouraged to consult clubs – especially their regulars – about how to implement the new Framework, and so we are posting our plans now and inviting comments.

Please email before Monday 18th June with any ideas or comments, so we can finalise our plans and open for entries in late June.

All entries, including entry fees, must be made through BROE2.  Entries close at 12 noon on Saturday 28th July, and the draw will take place at Henley RC on Sunday 29th July.


Open and Women's events will still be split across the two divisions, but this will now be by gender for each boat type: for example, Open Eights in the morning, Women's Eights in the afternoon.  Each boat type will then be divided into 'bands' at the time of the draw, based on Ranking Points, so that comparable crews get to race each other.

We won't know until the draw precisely how many 'bands' there will be, but experience from other comparable regattas suggests it will be similar to what we've had before.

We also offer a new event for Coxed Quad Sculls, aimed mainly at adult newcomers to the sport.

And remember that Masters, Mixed and Junior events don't change.


Changes from the old schedule are in bold.  All Masters and Junior events are in Open and Women's categories.





Open 8+

Women's Alumni 8+

Women 8+

Men's Alumni 8+


Women 4-/4+

Mixed 4+

Open 4-/4+

Masters 4-


Women 4x-/4x+

Junior 4x-

Open 4x-/4x+

Masters 4x-

Junior 15 4x+


Open 2-

Women 2-

Double Sculls

Open 2x

Masters 2x

J14-16 2x

Women 2x

Junior 2x

Mixed 2x

Single Sculls

Women 1x

Open 1x

J14-16 1x


* We would expect top-end fours and quads to be coxless, and less-experienced crews to be coxed. 

Under the new BR Framework, you only gain Ranking Points for your best event (in a given discipline) in the day.  For instance, if you race in a double in one Division, then in a quad or single in the other, you only get RPs for one of those events.  Similarly you can mix and match between eights, fours and pairs.  Doubling up within a Division is at your risk.


We welcome comments from competitors, coaches and clubs about our proposed changes.  We've tried to accommodate the doubling up that we normally see, but we can't allow for every possible combination.  But if you think there's a common doubling-up combination that we've missed, please let us know.

Occasionally we are asked to offer new events, but for these to be viable we need to be sure that there's a reasonably-wide interest.  So if you'd like us to consider a new event, please tell us about the demand beyond your own club.

Email your comments to before Monday 18th June.  If you'd prefer to talk to a human being, email us and we can talk on the phone or arrange to meet at a forthcoming regatta.

Click here to open a map showing the location of the Regatta.