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This year's regatta takes place on Saturday 4th August

BROE is open for entries - until 12 noon on 28th July

We will run the regatta in two main divisions: one in the morning, one in the afternoon.  This means you can comfortably race to a final in two events during the day, to make the most of your trip to Henley.  But doubling up within a division is entirely at your risk, and we do not adjust the racing timetable to accommodate it.  

Division 1 will run from about 9am to 2pm, Division 2 from about 2pm to 7pm. Precise timing depends on the entry. The course runs for 800m upstream: approximately from 'Old Blades' to the 'Hole in the Wall'.

Entries for Senior Open and Women's events will be banded using British Rowing's new Competition Framework.  We would expect eights to be split into two or three bands, and all other boat types into three or four.

Experienced, top-end fours and quads should expect to race coxless, and less-experienced novice fours and quads should plan to race with a cox.  If you don't follow this guidance, you're unlikely to have any opposition.

Junior and Masters events will continue to be classified by age: Masters events will be handicapped if necessary.

You can download the Regatta Notice via the link at the bottom of the page.







Open 8+

Women's Alumni 8+

Women 8+

Men's Alumni 8+


Women 4-/4+

Mixed 4+

Open 4-/4+

O&W Masters 4-


Women 4x-/4x+

O&W Junior 4x-

Open 4x-/4x+

O&W Masters 4x-

O&W Junior 15 4x+


Open 2-

Women 2-

Double Sculls

Open 2x

O&W Masters 2x

O&W J14-16 2x

Women 2x

O&W Junior 2x

Mixed 2x

Single Sculls

Women 1x

Open 1x

O&W J14-16 1x

* We would expect top-end fours and quads to be coxless, and less-experienced crews to be coxed. 



1.       If there are less than THREE entries for any Masters category, they will be combined with an adjacent category, and a handicap will be applied. State clearly when you enter on BROE if you do not wish to be re-allocated in this way.

2.       Competitors who enter more than one event in a Division do so at their own risk, and no-one (including coxswains) will be allowed to enter more than two events in a Division.

3.       Doubling up (including coxswains) and boat sharing within a Division must be clearly notified on the entry: we cannot guarantee it will be accommodated.

4.       Mixed crews must comprise an equal number of male and female competitors (excluding coxes).

5.       Alumni Eights must contain a minimum of 6 alumni of the relevant institution.

6.       All competitors must be registered with British Rowing.


1.       Entries close on Saturday 28th July at 12 Noon.  We do not accept late entries.

2.       Entries, including payment of entry fees, must be made via BROE.

3.       Unpaid entries will not be included in the Draw.


1.       The draw will take place at Henley Rowing Club on Sunday 29th July.

2.       Senior Open and Women's events will be banded at the time of the draw, using Ranking Points as a guide.  If competitors believe their Ranking Points do not fairly reflect their potential, they should explain this to us in an email BEFORE entries close on 28th July.  We make no commitment to adjust a crew's banding AFTER the draw.

3.       The Committee reserves the right to refuse an entry without giving a reason.

D. RACING                                                                                        

1.       Vehicles towing boat trailers or carrying boats will be admitted free: all other vehicles will be charged for parking.

2.       You must register on regatta day at least 40 minutes before the time of your first race.

3.       All competitors must bring their Racing Licences with them to the regatta.

4.       All boats must carry a 6-digit id in accordance with BR Rule of Racing 7-2-8-f.

5.       Coxes must provide their own deadweight.

Any questions regarding entries can be made to the Entries Secretary, Helen Knowles

Telephone 07801 710673, e-mail

Under the new BR Framework, you only gain Ranking Points for your best event (in a given discipline) in the day.  For instance, if you race in a double in one Division, then in a quad or single in the other, you only get RPs for one of those events.  Similarly you can mix and match between eights, fours and pairs.  Doubling up within a Division is at your risk.

Click here to open a map showing the location of the Regatta.
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