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26th July - draw and timetable now published

The Regatta will run in three separate divisions: doubling up within a division is not allowed.  Racing will be from a free start at the Barrier to the finish at Remenham Club, on an approximately 800m, upstream, two-lane, boomed course.

Division 1    0910 - 1146

Division 2    1155 - 1543

Division 3    1554 - 1821

Entries for Senior events (Open, Women's, Mixed) events have been banded based on Ranking Points data and any other information provided with the entry, using up to four bands for events with a larger entry.  

We have applied "winner stays on" for a limited number of events to reduce congestion in the boating area.  This will only apply to two consecutive races in an event.  In each case the winners of the first races should stay on the water for the next round 30-40 mins later.

Division 1    Op 4+ Semi-finals to finals

Division 2    Op 8+ Band 1 & Band 3 Quarter-finals to semi-finals

Masters events have been classified by age, using the standard BR handicap handicapped if necessary.

Visit the Safety/Welfare page for important competitor and river user information.



A summary of this information is in the Regatta Notice - you can download it via the link at the bottom of the page.







Open 8+

Women 8+


Open 4-/4+

Women 4-/4+

O&W Masters 4-

Mixed 4+


Open 4x-

Open Masters 4x-

Women 4x-

O&W Junior 4x-

Women Masters 4x-



Women 2-*


Open 2-*

Double Sculls

Mixed 2x

Open 2x*

O&W Masters 2x

Women 2x*


Single Sculls

Women 1x


Open 1x

* only open to crews entered in the corresponding event at this year's Royal Regatta. 



1.       If there are less than THREE entries for any Masters category, they may be combined with an adjacent category, and a handicap will be applied. State clearly when you enter on BROE if you do not wish to be re-   allocated in this way.

2.       No competitor (including coxswains) or boat may race in more than one event in a Division.

3.       Doubling up (including coxswains) and boat sharing across Divisions must be clearly notified on the entry: we cannot guarantee it will be accommodated.  Tripling up (across three divisions) will only be accepted if space allows.

4.       Mixed crews must comprise an equal number of male and female competitors (excluding coxswains).

5.       All competitors must be registered with British Rowing.


1.       Entries close at 11pm on Thursday 22nd July: this is earlier than usual.  We do not accept late entries.

2.       Entries, including payment of entry fees, must be made via BROE.

3.     Entries on BROE must include contact details for a Club's designated Covid Officer for the Regatta.

4.       Unpaid entries will not be included in the Draw.


1.       The draw will take place at Henley Rowing Club on Sunday 25th July.

2.       Senior (Open, Women's, Mixed) events will be banded at the time of the draw, using Ranking Points as a guide.  If competitors believe their Ranking Points do not fairly reflect their potential, they should explain this to us in an email BEFORE entries close on 22nd July.  We make no commitment to adjust a crew's banding AFTER the draw.

3.       The Committee reserves the right to refuse an entry without giving a reason.

D. RACING                                                                                        

1.       Vehicles towing boat trailers will be admitted free: all other vehicles will be charged for parking.

2.       You must register on regatta day at least 45 minutes before the time of your first race.

3.       All competitors must bring their Racing Licences with them to the regatta.

4.       All boats must carry a 6-digit id in accordance with BR Rule of Racing 7-2-9-f.

5.       Coxes must provide their own deadweight.

6.     Competitors and coaches must comply with the Regatta's Covid rules and requirements.

Any questions regarding entries can be made to the Entries Secretaries, Adam Wood and Rod Murray: in the first instance, e-mail


There is a limit to the number of races, and so number of crews, we can fit into the day.  In the fairly likely event that we are over-subscribed we intend to apply what we believe is a commonsense approach to deciding which entries to accept.

 ·         We will stick to the range of events declared for this year, and not sacrifice one event to make extra space for another.  But that means we will limit the number of entries in a given event to ensure fair access.

 ·         We will aim for an even number of entries in each event to avoid any crew having a bye.

 ·         If we have no comparable competition for you, we will not force fit you into an event where you’re not reasonably matched with other entries.

 ·         We will give priority to crews that have also entered this year’s Royal Regatta, providing they enter in the same or very similar line-up at the T&V Regatta. 

 ·         We will give priority to entries that are NOT doubling up, in order to give more people the chance to race.  If we are over-subscribed we will not accept competitors tripling up in three divisions.

 ·         All other things being equal, we will give preference to entries that have entered and fully paid early.

If we reject an entry because we are over-subscribed, we will refund the entry fee in full.

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17 Jun 2021, 04:59