The regatta depends on the support of many people and there are various ways to help us maintain the tradition of this wonderful event which has survived for over 150 years:

Volunteers fill all of the key roles at the regatta and it can be very rewarding to work as a team and see the day unfold.  For more information, please send an email to

are our "members" who make an annual donation to the regatta. In return, they receive badges for the President's Enclosure and various other benefits.  For more information, please visit
the Subscribers page.

Each event has a Sponsor who is offered the opportunity to follow the final race of "their" event aboard the umpire launch and present the prizes to the winning crew. They are also allowed to use the President's Enclosure. For more information, please visit the Sponsors page.

Advertisers place adverts in the Regatta Programme, a full colour booklet distributed to crews and spectators. For more information,
please visit the Advertisers page.