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The course runs for 800m upstream: approximately from 'Old Blades' to the 'Hole in the Wall'.

The Regatta will run in THREE separate and where possible equal divisions through the day, to provide reasonable opportunities for you to race in more than one event. Doubling up within a division is not allowed, and we will reject any entry that attempts to do so.

Entries for Senior events (Open, Women's, Mixed) will be banded, based on Ranking Points data. We would expect

eights to be split into two or three bands, and all other boat types into up to five bands.

Experienced, top-end fours and quads should expect to race coxless, and less-experienced novice fours and quads

should plan to race with a cox. If you don't follow this guidance, you're unlikely to have any opposition.

Junior and Masters events will continue to be classified by age: Masters events will be handicapped if necessary.

In the event that we are over-subscribed we intend to apply what we believe is a common sense approach to deciding which entries to accept.

· We will stick to the range of events we have declared for this year, and not sacrifice one event to make extra space for another. But that means we will limit the number of entries in a given event to ensure fair access.

· If we have no comparable competition for you, we will not force fit you into an event where you’re not reasonably matched with other entries.

· We will give priority to entries that are NOT doubling up, in order to give more people the chance to race. If we are over-subscribed we will not accept competitors tripling up in three divisions.

· All other things being equal, we will give preference to entries that have entered and fully paid early.

If we reject an entry because we are over-subscribed, we will refund the entry fee in full.

When making an entry on BROE, be sure to tell us if:

you are doubling up in more than one division, and which event is your first choice if we can’t accommodate both;

you are using the same boat in more than one division;

you believe your Ranking Points data on BROE is not a true reflection of your crew’s potential.

Division times will be clarified following the Draw, however in 2019 racing ran from 8:30am to about 7:40pm.

EVENT SCHEDULE 2022 - ENTRIES CLOSE AT 12 noon on Saturday 23rd JULY



1. If there are less than THREE entries for any Masters category, they may be combined with an adjacent category, and a handicap will be applied. State clearly when you enter on BROE if you do not wish to be re-allocated in this way.

2. No competitor (including coxswains) or boat may race in more than one event in a Division.

3. Doubling up (including coxswains) and boat sharing across Divisions must be clearly notified on the entry: we cannot guarantee it will be accommodated. Tripling up (across three divisions) will only be accepted if space allows.

4. Mixed crews must comprise an equal number of male and female competitors (excluding coxswains).

5. Alumni Eights must contain a minimum of 6 alumni of the relevant institution.

6. All competitors must be registered with British Rowing.


1. Entries close at 12noon on Saturday 23rd July. We do not accept late entries.

2. Entries, including payment of entry fees, must be made via BROE.

3. Unpaid entries will not be included in the Draw.


1. The draw will take place at Henley Rowing Club on Sunday 24th July.

2. Senior events (Open, Women’s, Mixed) will be banded at the time of the draw, using Ranking Points as a guide. If competitors believe their Ranking Points do not fairly reflect their potential, they should explain this to us in an email BEFORE entries close on 23rd July. We make no commitment to adjust a crew's banding AFTER the draw.

3. The Committee reserves the right to refuse an entry without giving a reason.


1. Vehicles towing boat trailers will be admitted free: all other vehicles will be charged for parking.

2. You must register on regatta day at least 45 minutes before the time of your first race.

3. All competitors must bring their Racing Licences with them to the regatta.

4. All boats must carry a 6-digit id in accordance with BR Rule of Racing 7-2-9-f.

5. Coxes must provide their own deadweight.

Any questions regarding entries can be made to the Entries Secretaries, Adam Wood and Rod Murray:

Under the new BR Framework, you only gain Ranking Points for your best event (in a given discipline) in the day. For instance, if you race in a double in one Division, then in a quad or single in the other, you only get RPs for one of those events. Similarly you can mix and match between eights, fours and pairs. Doubling up within a Division is at your risk.

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